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Pericardium: Function, Role in the Body, and Associated Conditions

Pericardial sac has 2 layers : fibrous and serous. The outermost layer is the fibrous pericardium.

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It is made of tough fibrous connective tissue. It connects to the large blood vessels that enter and leave the heart the venae cavae, aorta, pulmonary arteries, and veins.


It also connects to the diaphragm muscle, and to the inside of the sternal wall of the thorax. This layer acts as a protective layer and it prevents overdistention of the pumping heart by acting as a tough protective membrane sur- rounding the heart.

It also anchors the heart in the mediastinum. The innermost layer of the pericardial sac is the serous layer or serous pericardium. This layer is thin and delicate. It is also known as the parietal layer of the pericardial sac. The outermost layer of the heart has a confusing name of Visceral pericardium or epicardium. There is a small space between epicardium and serous layer of pericardial sac.

It is called pericardial cavity, which contains pericardial fluid. The fluid prevents friction as the heart pumps blood. The layers of pericardium and pericardial cavity :. What is the structure of the pericardium?

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What is its function? Saikat R. Jan 21, Through the rotation, the venous part inflow tract of the cardiac anlage now lies caudal of the arterial pole outflow tract.

The pericardial cavity expands on both sides of the cardiac anlage and invaginates the myocardiac mantle with the cardiac loop. This results in the mesocardium 9 being transiently formed on the dorsal side of the cardiac loop. Overview of the illustrations.

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  4. The anatomic relationships of the adult heart can be better understood when one follows the embryonic development of the pericardium further. Interactive diagram.

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    What is Pericarditis?

    Previous page Next page. Introduction First signs of cardiac development The formation of the venticular loop - the U-shaped heart Development of the pericardium Descent of the heart. Development of the pericardium. Pericardial cavity Cranial end of the embryo. Arterial part outflow tract Venous part inflow tract.

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