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Spookily prescient. When Caroline was 25, her mom, actress-princess Grace Kelly, 52, was fatally injured in a traffic collision, apparently caused by a brain hemorrhage. The crash led to another hemorrhage in the hospital and her death.

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To still be claiming the title seems to indicate a high degree of Horse excrement. But that title too has been defunct since under the Weimar Republic. That finger reminded me of the Facebook crap put out by ISIS when they were lecturing and threatening the rest of the world with their perverted views of the world. Look out world! Blonde, glamorous and already a star in her home-land, Malena, 48, was seeking to make an international break-through like compatriots ABBA and the five other Swedish acts to have won the contest.

Her loser artsy-fartsy parents named her Tintin?

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Curiouser and curiouser. It looks like they made straight for Lagens in the Azores then made a course change to get back on course for NY.

She recently tweeted from north of the Azores. If they actually put in at Lagens on Flores, it would strike me as odd. If they needed something, why not land at Ponta Delgada at the northern tip? Maybe the crew just wanted to bathe and eat real food, delivered to the island by fossil fuel-powered ships.

Yooper I think they are tacking to make the best headway with the winds …. Is there a deep-water sailor who can explain their current track?

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They seem headed for Nova Scotia, or even further north. They have now run into headwinds and slowed to ten knots. They averaged overr 20 in the past 24 hours, when they had tail winds. Staying north of Tropical Storm Chantal — good move. Head downwind, not into the wind. Look for wind but not too much. Avoid big waves and storms. Click on the Waves button too. That link also does wind predictions. They have done well so far, but there is a big front coming. You can try to predict what they will do based on the Windy information.

And do they really care where they end up, as long as there is a train for Greta?

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If there were time, she and her dad could even bicycle the rest of the way, racking up virtue signalling points. Odds are good that within five days the low off FL will organize into a storm and track NE along the Atlantic seaboard. Malizia might well reach NYC before the storm gets there however.

Propelled by sail alone and not once making landfall or taking in supplies since October … her voyage has also showcased the modern technology that has made such a thing possible. By no means frail herself… nevertheless she relies on her seaworthy hull, wind turbine, a small diesel generator and batteries, winches, a steering autopilot with GPS and weather-fax to plot her way.

And manages to keep going and make constant repairs with gumption and style. Proof that our species is nowhere near reaching its ultimate boundaries of accomplishment, so long as we do not turn away from industrial progress or ruin our civilization with childish choices. She reminds me of Sir Francis Chicester.

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I read a book he wrote about solo sailing, when I was young, and was fascinated with the idea. That little girl is a tribute to indoctrination. In some ways what was done to her is a form of child abuse. She is a sad poignant reminder what lengths fanatics will go to in service to their cause. When I was young, I was swayed by a few of the doomsday prophecies of the time. By my 30s, I was no longer buying what any doomsayers were selling. None of the prophecies of my younger years came true or were even remotely conceivable anymore.

They were no longer even being mentioned. Some of us grow up and catch on to the pattern. They want to snatch our standard of living as their priviliged financial system careens to either a horrible crash or a new paradigm. It reminds me in every way that matters of creatures like David Icke — does he actually believe the insane crap coming out of his mouth, or is it just about the money?

I only hope I live to find out, and to witness the shock and shame of the millions who fell for it and promoted it.

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And everybody though it was just a movie — after all how could souls or mind be stolen? Well they have been. And now they are coming for our very physical existance. I think Greta is our strongest ally. A couple quick thoughts: 1. Thanx to all for the support of popcorn farmers everywhere. Her handlers however, should be jailed for child abuse. If mom and dad traded in a perfectly good petrol burning car for their long-tail pipe car then they committed one of the worst of the worst sins; virtue signalling that consumes mass amounts of carbon.

Dear Greta knows nothing, and she increases her lead every Friday. I suspect that leading U. Not so, not so. Not many new born in London are named Greta, but the most popular name for the boys is Mohamed. Greta needs to be reminded of the finger pointing adage. When you point a finger at someone, 4 others are pointing back at you.

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Living your life as an example to others goes a lot farther than hypocrisy and blame. In some cultures, pointing is considered a real threat — those nations where authoritarian governments pointed out the next… I pointed at a woman from Viet Nam once, and one could hear and see the combination of hatred, and abject fear through her screams. Never again. Trip ought to be getting fun by now. How much CO2 in barf?

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The Nobel is almost a given. It matches perfectly the long list of previous recipients. They are all based on hope and symbolism rather than action and deeds. Take Obama.