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Slow particle-induced electron emission from solid surfaces - Dimensions

New Releases. Description Electron emission is a fundamental phenomenon which accompanies most interactions of energetic particles with solid surfaces. Not only is it a special effect which for almost ninety years has attracted the interest of physicists, but it is also of acute importance in such fields as radiation effects and transport phenomena in solids e. While Volume I emphasizes the theoretical description of the mechanisms of electron emission, this volume reviews modern experimental trends and aspects of the phenomenon, e.

Transport of inner excited electrons is simulated by the Boltzmann equation incorporating both elastic and inelastic collisions.

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The numerical calculation of scattering rates uses a dynamically screened Coulomb interaction. These results for the energy distributions of emerging electrons as well as the electron yield are compared with recent experimental measurements on electron emission from polycrystalline aluminum. Escape of Secondary Electrons.

Excitation Functions.