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Modeling of core loss for non-oriented electrical steel Maria Dems , Krzysztof Komeza , Jacek Szulakowski , Witold Kubiak The purpose of this paper is to present the application of the loss approximation method for non-oriented electrical steel developed by the authors. Dynamic hysteresis modeling for soft magnetic composites based on isotropic vector play model and Cauer ladder network Naoya Watanabe , Yasuhito Takahashi , Koji Fujiwara This paper aims to propose an effective modeling method of dynamic hysteresis properties for soft magnetic composite SMC core using an equivalent circuit representation….

Temporal reflection of electromagnetic waves in simple polar-molecule reactions Xingpeng Liu , Dandan Yan , Kama Huang The purpose of this paper is to present the temporal reflection of electromagnetic waves EMWs in simple polar-molecule reactions whose polarization changes with the….

Study effect of the back irons in passive magnetic bearings with alternating radially magnetized rings by using 2D analytical method Reza Safaeian , Hossein Heydari Permanent magnet passive magnetic bearings PMBs are used for suspension of rotating shafts in one direction. Low-power electrical impedance tomography spectroscopy Juliana Padilha Leitzke , Hubert Zangl This paper aims to present an approach based on electrical impedance tomography spectroscopy EITS for the determination of water and ice fraction in low-power….

Comparison of different vector Preisach models for the simulation of ferromagnetic materials Michael Nierla , Michael Loeffler , Manfred Kaltenbacher , Stefan Johann Rupitsch The numerical computation of magnetization processes in moving and rotating assemblies requires the usage of vector hysteresis models. Exploiting the T x function in fast hysteresis models for transient circuit simulations Johann Wilhelm , Werner Renhart The purpose of this paper is to investigate an alternative to established hysteresis models.

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Usage of FEM for synthesis of dead-beat current controller for permanent magnet synchronous motor Ryszard Palka , Rafal Piotuch Predictive controllers and permanent magnet synchronous motors PMSMs got more attention over the past decades thanks to their applicable features. Modelling and co-simulation of a permanent magnet synchronous generator Roberto Eduardo Quintal-Palomo , Maciej Gwozdziewicz , Mateusz Dybkowski The purpose of this paper is to obtain an accurate methodology for modelling and analysis of the permanent magnet synchronous generator connected to power electronic components.

Back scattering response from single, finite and infinite array of nonlinear antennas based on intelligent water drops algorithm Amir Bahrami , Saeed Reza Ostadzadeh The purpose of this paper is to calculate the back scattering response from single, finite and infinite arrays of nonlinear antennas like the case where the antennas are…. A MSFEM to simulate the eddy current problem in laminated iron cores in 3D Karl Hollaus The simulation of eddy currents in laminated iron cores by the finite element method FEM is of great interest in the design of electrical devices.

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The impact of human age on the amount of absorbed energy from mobile phone Dejan B. Jovanovic , Vladimir Stankovic , Nenad N. Cvetkovic , Dejan Krstic , Dragan Vuckovic The purpose of this paper is to determine the impact of human age on the distribution of electric field and absorbed energy that originates from a mobile phone.

Simulating swing dynamics of a power system model using nonlinear model order reduction Satyavir Singh , Mohammad Abid Bazaz , Shahkar Ahmad Nahvi The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the applicability of the Discrete Empirical Interpolation method DEIM for simulating the swing dynamics of benchmark power…. Simulating metallic contamination in permanent magnets used in magnetic sensors Safire Torres Santos da Silva , Nikola Jerance , Harijaona Lalao Rakotoarison The purpose of this paper is to provide a model for simulating contamination by ferromagnetic particles in sensors that use permanent magnets.


Model order reducibility of nonlinear electro-quasistatic problems Fotios Kasolis , Markus Clemens This paper aims to develop an automated domain decomposition strategy that is based on the presence of nonlinear field grading material, in the context of model order…. Simulating induction heating processes using harmonic balance FEM Klaus Roppert , Florian Toth , Manfred Kaltenbacher The purpose of this paper is to examine a solution strategy for coupled nonlinear magnetic-thermal problems and apply it to the heating process of a thin moving steel….

Worst-case analysis of electronic circuits based on an analytic forward solver approach Mario Schenk , Annette Muetze , Klaus Krischan , Christian Magele The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the worst-case behavior of a given electronic circuit by varying the values of the components in a meaningful way in order not to…. Reddy , Matthias K. Dulikravich This paper aims to solve the parameter identification problem to estimate the parameters in electrochemical models of the lithium-ion battery.

Statistical solution of inverse problems using a state reduction Markus Neumayer , Thomas Suppan , Thomas Bretterklieber The application of statistical inversion theory provides a powerful approach for solving estimation problems including the ability for uncertainty quantification UQ by….

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A non-smooth Newton method for the solution of magnetostatic field problems with hysteresis Stephan Willerich , Hans-Georg Herzog The use of gradient-based methods in finite element schemes can be prevented by undefined derivatives, which are encountered when modeling hysteresis in constitutive…. Anderson acceleration for electromagnetic nonlinear problems Mattia Filippini , Piergiorgio Alotto , Alessandro Giust The purpose of this paper is to implement the Anderson acceleration for different formulations of eletromagnetic nonlinear problems and analyze the method efficiency and….

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Multi-objective optimal design of double-sided switched reluctance linear generator for wave power generation Shuyan Zhao , Hao Chen , Rui Nie , Jinfu Liu This paper aims to propose a double-sided switched reluctance linxear generator DSRLG exclusively for wave power generation. Stator tooth shape optimization for double salient hybrid excitation generator based on asymmetric circuit analysis Shuchun Yao , Wei Zhang This paper aims to clarify the relationship between stator tooth shape and DC voltage fluctuation of a double salient hybrid excitation generator DSHEG.

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Modeling and performance analysis of shunt active filter connected with photovoltaic system based on Z-source inverter Ali Teta , Abdellah Kouzou , Mohamed Mounir Rezaoui This paper aims to propose a new configuration of a shunt active power filter SAPF connected with a photovoltaic PV system through a Z-source inverter ZSI topology…. A comparative study of phase margin based digital and analog controlled synchronous buck with optimum LC filter Ruchi Rashmi , Shweta Jagtap Traditionally, industrial power supplies have been exclusively controlled through analog control to sustain high reliability with low cost.

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Parallel finite-element method using domain decomposition and Parareal for transient motor starting analysis Yasuhito Takahashi , Koji Fujiwara , Takeshi Iwashita , Hiroshi Nakashima This paper aims to propose a parallel-in-space-time finite-element method FEM for transient motor starting analyses. ISSN : Online date, start — end: He also consults widely for industry. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. List of Laboratory Exercises xxxii. Undetected location.

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