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More Contact us Publish with us Subscribe. Print Save Cite Email Share. Their ultimate success largely depends upon their ability to develop, protect, and exploit their greatest natural resource: intellectual property. Through an exploration of the techniques used in social entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship and Social Justice provides a framework by which historically marginalized communities and developing nations can cooperate with the developed world to establish a socially cohesive global intellectual property order.

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The knowledgeable contributors discuss, in four parts, topics surrounding entrepreneurship and empowerment, education and advocacy, engagement and activism and, finally, commencement. You do not have access to this content.

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Company leaders are used to dealing with radical changes in markets, but there is a story that corporations all over the globe have chosen to ignore. This story is the sum total of millions of lost opportunities, because over half the potential workforce was left behind. The Other Half sets out to change just that.

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Create Account. Sign In Register. Bug Fix New! The Entrepreneurial Myth explains how business creators are turned into all-powerful, never-fail gurus as they shoulder the collective necessity for enterprise.

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Based on analysis spanning thirty years, this book challenges the pervasive influence of the Entrepreneurial Myth and introduces the reader to Business Curation, an exciting new way to build businesses. It is a heartfelt call to business people and politicians, legislators and educators, to redesign enterprise for the next generation.

Entrepreneurship — with all its griefs, glories and possibilities — belongs to us all.

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The product is already in the wishlist! Description Description A book challenging how we think about entrepreneurship to benefit individual business protagonists, their communities and global economies. Related Products Quick View.

Quick View. How can decisions be improved by detecting and managing inherent weaknesses? This book analyses the practical implications of behavioural economics among decision makers to encourage active creative thinking and drive individuals and organizations to make better decisions.

Going beyond behavioural economics, the book uses psychology, philosophy and anthropology to demonstrate the myths which govern behaviour, our natural longing for inclusion and the power held by those setting the agenda our vicinity.

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This book enables active thinking and encourages the use of System 2 thinking to steer the corporate ship in line with the corporate purpose, and for individuals to be a useful asset to their companies. It relates Congratulations how to write their Description Here a price, how to set exhibiting top holders, and how to Check better and computer in the request.

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